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(UGA) HEROs, assemble!

WELCOME BACK! Whether this is your final year or your first time stepping foot on campus, we hope you had a great summer and are excited to meet you! We'll be taking over campus for the next two weeks to show what HEROs is all about! Below are some of the events we will be doing across campus!


WHEN: 9am-3pm

WHERE: Tate Pavilion

Looking for a battle between the Avengers and Thanos? We can't give you that, but come find us at Tate dressed as our favorite heroes ready to talk about what we do! We will be tabling out in front of Tate with the Hug a Coke Machine! Stop by and share a Coke with HEROs and learn more about our cause!


WHEN: 9am-3pm

WHERE: Tate Pavilion

"Where's my super suit?!" asks every UGA student as they pass by our table on Wednesday. We will have Pelican's Snow Cones to celebrate one of Disney's most beloved! Stop by and grab a snow cone to cool off in this hot Georgia heat and learn about what makes HEROs so cool.


WHEN: 9am-3pm

WHERE: Various Dorms

Feeling a bit light headed after Thanos snapped his fingers? Come find us for popsicles to feel like yourself again! We'll also have a dunk tank if the popsicles don't do the trick.! Sign up to join a HEROs team and you will be able to dunk one of our own. If you get lucky, you might even get to dunk our Executive Director.


WHEN: 9am-3pm

WHERE: Tate Pavilion

Come fight for the final infinity stone as we take on Tate to show you just how awesome HEROs is while celebrating everyone's favorite movie saga. Who is your favorite Avenger? Come see us at Tate Stage cast your vote in our costume contest. While you're at it learn how you can be a hero and snag a Monster Energy Drink.


WHEN: 9am-1pm

WHERE: Million Dollar Staircase and AG Hill

If you can't make it to our costume contest on the 3rd, don't worry we will be doing another on this day. This time though, we are focusing on one of the most iconic lady super heroes, Wonder Woman. If the contest is not enough to get you interested, we will also be giving out donuts. Enjoy a donut, enjoy HEROs.


WHEN: 9am-3pm

WHERE: The Dorms

Our final day is dedicated to everyone's favorite Avenger: Iron Man. (Tony Stark isn't able to make it, though.) Stop by to grab some popcorn and Chick-Fil-A coupons. The perfect trio: popcorn, Chick-fil-A, and HEROs.


WHEN: 6pm

WHERE: Myers Quad

This is celebration for you and the year ahead! Come out to meet your newest Team Leader and all other HEROs. There will be games, music, and of course, food. This is an opportunity for you to truly get acquainted with your new HEROs family and a perfect way to start the year off!

We look forward to showing you what we do and welcoming you into the HEROs family! Let's change lives, together.

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