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And We Are Off!

“Have you heard of UGA HEROs?” was said countless times throughout UGA’s campus this week as we recruited for committees. Although there were some freezing nights outside Bolton, we shared plenty of laughs and morale was high through it all.

For this semester’s recruitment, we were able to add in-person elements by setting up around campus and tabling to UGA students as they headed to class. Every member wore a mask and remained socially distant, but nevertheless still made UGA HEROs known.

Our WOW Chair, Elise Kim, put in hard work over the break to develop her vision for recruitment and established ‘Be The Change’ as our theme for the year. She then continued to shine at tabling, where she used her infectiously positive energy to spark interest about HEROs for students as they passed by.

“Recruitment went really well and I met so many amazing people during tabling so I cannot wait to see who’s on my committee! I am also excited for kid events to start back up and for our new members to get the chance to interact with them,” said Kim.

Tabling was also a great opportunity for our members to bond with each other. Although digital recruitment was a success in the fall being able to talk to one another while meeting new members is a heartwarming experience.

UGA HEROs Executive Director, Pierce Pittman, is ready to embrace change and begin working on our goals for this semester and beyond.

“This year for HEROs and organizations like ours all over we have the unique opportunity to hit the reset button coming out of the pandemic. It was a difficult year for fundraising last year, but it gives us a chance to look at ourselves and see what we can do better for both our organization but importantly our kids,” said Pittman.

For 2021, we have already implemented new committees and plans to strengthen our organization.

“That comes in many forms whether it is working on how we can better fundraise, improving our member experience or making sure our organization and leadership represent the kids that we serve,” said Pittman.

After tabling for the past week we had Kickoff at Tate Grand Hall with a zoom option. It was a major success and very rewarding to see all of the friendly faces of our new members.

Anyone who is still interested in joining a UGA HEROs committee can still join even if they didn’t attend Kickoff!

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