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We are excited to be back in Athens and even more excited to be back with HEROs after ending 2019 with our Fall Kickoff at Bad Moon.  We celebrated going “All In” and raising $316,814.93 for our kids!  Wow!  

But get ready for this year folks, as we “Dare to Dream” for an even BIGGER year!  Our 2020 Executive Director, Patrick Femia, has shared that 2020 will be the year that HEROs plans to spread our cause by engaging current members and pushing our organization to a new level.

“I’m looking forward to bringing in new members and showing them how their time spent on campus helps those across the state,” he shared.

Our 2020 theme, “Dare to Dream,” truly embodies the goal of our organization’s cause.  Femia explains, “Through our fundraising and events, we always tell our kids that no dream is too large and no step is too small; this year, we’re asking our members to use that mindset to make this year the best year yet!”

So as we begin the new semester, start thinking about your 2020 HEROs goal.  Whether it is setting a high fundraising goal or inviting your friends to join, “Dare to Dream” something crazy!  And keep an eye out for us as we begin our recruitment season!

And DARE to follow us on our social media accounts!

Instagram: @ugaheros

Twitter: @UGAHEROs

Facebook: UGA HEROs

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