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The Season Premiere (Our First Kid Event!)

Updated: Feb 20, 2019

Our first kid event of the semester was a HUGE success! Our kids got to tour the College Football Hall of Fame and the World of Coke! To most of us, these places are where we went for our childhood birthdays or for just any weekend in Atlanta, GA. For our kids, however, they might not have ever gotten the chance to see these unique places if it was not for our members. Cameron Anderson, Kid Events Chair, said she chose two locations because she wanted to give those experiences to our kids that we were privileged to have.


The first stop was the College Football Hall of Fame. Here the kids got to learn about the history of some of college football's greatest players and team through exhibits, interactive games, and virtual reality! Afterwards, they got to put their skills to the test on a full-size practice field with practice courses, targets, and a regulation-size field goal! We also took a short lunch break before heading to the World of Coke!


The second stop was to the World of Coke. Our kids got to learn about the magic behind the delicious beverage and even see where the secret formula is kept! They were also able to taste different Coke products from around the world. (They even got to attempt to create their own soda mixture.) Each kid was full of energy and was in awe as we made our way through the tour.


Even though it was a long day, our kids had a blast and our members were so excited to see everyone. It was so awesome to see the smiles on their faces walking through some of Atlanta's most prominent attractions. Our kids had the chance to see some of the most popular places without leaving Atlanta, a privilege we take for granted each day. Special thanks to the College Football Hall of Fame, World of Coke, all of our drive/co-pilots, and everyone who attended for making this event so special!

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