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48 Dollar Day

HEROs doesn't just work to improve the quality-of-life for our kids. We also raise awareness about HIV and educate our campus and surrounding areas about the prevalence and dangers of stigma, as well as the importance of knowing one's own status. A few months ago, we partnered with Live Forward to offer free HIV Tests at Tate as part of our "Spotlight on Stigma Week" to raise awareness. We had great conversations with the UGA community about the prevalence of stigma and how to combat it ion our everyday interactions.

June 27th marks HIV Testing Day—a national day of awareness encouraging everyone to get tested for HIV and know their status. Over 1.1 million people in the United States have HIV, yet one-in-seven don't know they have it. This makes getting tested all the more important.

To raise awareness for National HIV Testing Day, HEROs is holding its first ever "$48 Dollar Day" on June 27. Why $48? That's the average cost of one HIV test. Every day, our members are on the front lines advocating for our kids and educating their friends and family about the stigma they face on a daily basis.

June 27th will be no different.

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