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Successful Skating

On February 25, UGA HEROs hosted our first kid event of the year at Athens Skate Inn. Our kids arrived at 11 eager to get their skates and start skating. HEROs kid events chair, Maggie Duncan, planned this kid event because she thought everyone would enjoy it, "Skating is for all ages!" she said.

Duncan planned for the event to take place in Athens so that members could easily attend. The event had an amazing turnout from our kids and new members. When asked her favorite part of the event, Duncan said, "Seeing new members hanging out with our kids was great. It really brought purpose to what we have been telling them about our kids and organization since recruitment."

Overall, it was a successful day for members and kids, and everyone improved their skating skills. Stay tuned for our next kid event, which will be at the end of next month!

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