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Committee Member Spotlight

This month’s member spotlight is Sydney Smith!  Smith is a second year, psychology pre-physician assistant from Canton, Georgia. She is a member of the Child Relations Committee and has already raised an impressive $1500 in donations through using her connections. Sydney’s Dad works at Delta and they have grit sales for various charities. To motivate Delta employees to donate to HEROs, she created flyers so people knew about our amazing cause. “I was so grateful because even people who didn’t participate in the grit sale still donated,” said Smith.

Smith initially started HEROs by participating on freshman council after talking to an enthusiastic member during recruitment. Her passion and pride for HEROs only grew over time as she saw firsthand how the organization directly impacts the lives of the children through her participation in our mentorship program, Hang Out with HEROs. Sydney reflected, “It has been a really humbling experience, and  I’m so happy I can be a part of it!”

Beyond her involvement in HEROs, Smith is also on the IM soccer team and the social media executive for Rescue Paws UGA.

written by Madi Imparato

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