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Episode 2 (Women's Basketball Kid Event!)

Updated: Mar 19, 2019

Our second kid event was ballin'...literally. Our kids got to travel to the Classic City for a women's basketball game! First stop of the day was the Tate Student Center for lunch donated by our friends at Zaxbys! Here our kids got to have lunch and hang with HEROs members before the game began. After eating in Tate we made our way over to the game! Our kids got to dance with Hairy Dog and of course scream GO DAWGS at an all time high. They screamed at the top of their lungs and truly spent the day as a dawg.

During halftime, we had the awesome opportunity to go behind the scenes and tour the locker room. Our kids were blown away at what the basketball team had at their disposal! After our locker room tour we went back out to continue cheering on our basketball team! Although our Lady Dawgs came up shy, this kid event was a win. Lerato Cummings, Child Relations Chair, drove for this kid event. She said that on their ride home, one of the kids asked to be dropped of last because he was having so much fun he did not want to go home. Comments like this make our whole day, and they are why we do what we do each and everyday.

Specials thanks to the UGA Women's Basketball Team for allowing us to be a part of this awesome day. Of course, a large thank you to our drivers and co-pilots. Finally, thank you to everyone who came and hung out with our kids!

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