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And That's a Wrap!

With the start of the new year, HEROs has hit the ground running!  For the past week, we have spread to locations all around campus to recruit for new committee members. This year's recruitment ended up being a little different than years past.

Our WOW/Recruitment chair, Pierce Pittman, shared more on his 2020 recruitment plan:

“When I accepted my position, I wanted to make it my own.  Lauren Craig, the director of member relations, and I sat down and decided that not only did we want to cut down on our tabling days, but also make our conversations with potential new members more meaningful.  Because of this change, we were more energized through recruitment, and I think we have a lot of new people who are eager to become a part of our HEROs family.”

We also planned two social media days, where HEROs members were encouraged to post graphics, videos, photos, and testimonies on what HEROs means to them.  Our biggest endeavor though, was our Tate Takeover. Pittman decided he wanted to show UGA how “WOW” HEROs can really be by taking over Tate Plaza. On our last day of recruitment, we took over Tate with giant balloon arches, stations where students could learn more about our organization and HIV/AIDs, and free giveaways!

“I was most excited about our Tate Takeover idea!  That was the day I had put the most time and energy into planning,” Pittman shared.

Our revamped recruitment plan proved successful; we managed to get a total of 860 signups!  We look forward to meeting all of our new committee members.

Now that recruitment has come to a close, HEROs will be “dreaming” up ways to successfully conquer our next venture.

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