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2019 Year in Review

As 2019 comes to a close, let’s take a look back at the year and all that HEROs was able to do for our kids:


In January, Executive Board members and Team Leaders showed UGA what HEROs is all about in our annual spring recruitment. We were able to talk to students at Tate, the Million Dollar Staircase, Science Learning Center, and all over campus about what HEROs stands for.

United by our “All In” mindset we kicked off 2019 with our newest crop of HEROs. Members had the chance to join their committees and get ready for the new year!


In February, we took our kids to the heart of college football fandom: the College Football Hall of Fame in Atlanta. Our kids got to take in college football history and some even attempted to kick a field goal.

We also took our kids to the World of Coca-Cola where they learned the history of the world’s largest soft drink company and had the chance to taste sodas from around the world!

Later that month, our Team Leaders had their retreat which set them up for a year of success in leading our newest HEROs! Team Leaders learned their strengths and weaknesses and grew closer through bonding activities and leadership exercises.


In March, we took our kids to watch the Lady Dawgs in Stegman Coliseum. During half time, the staff took us on a tour of the locker room to see where the Lady Dawgs spend their time before and after games.

We also held our first semi-formal where members were able to meet each other and socialize. The event was one of the highest attended of the year!


In April, we took a break from fundraising and recruiting to shine a spotlight on stigma. In a week of programming, we aimed to educate the university community on the pitfalls of stigma surrounding HIV/AIDS and how they can be more informed about this issue once they leave UGA. We also offered free HIV testing for the first time and encouraged members and students alike to be tested to learn their status.

Later in April, we partnered with Action Cycling Atlanta for their annual Field Day competition. Activists and supporters in the Atlanta area came together to compete in field-day style games alongside our members and kids.

At the end of the month, we celebrated the semester and all our members had accomplished during the first half of the year with our annual Spring Total Reveal event. We came together to reveal the semester’s total: $113,000!


In May, we put on our annual golf tournament, bringing together young professionals and friends in the metro-Atlanta area. Sponsors and players helped raise the most money in golf tournament history.


To start the new school year, HEROs launched its annual fall recruitment to show students what we are all about. HEROs took to campus to handout flyers, host meetings, and speak at chapters to recruit members for our teams, which compete in Olympics and Torch Relay.

Greek Cookout is our opportunity to reach out to the greek community while enjoying some hot dogs and hamburgers. This year’s cookout was held outside Creswell and brought together people from across the UGA community to sign-up to become HEROs.


In September, we kicked off the new year in Myers Quad. New members met their teams and Team Leaders and prepared for the year ahead for HEROs!

Every year, HEROs takes older kids to colleges across the state to show them their options for attending college. Our kids had the chance to come to UGA, take a campus tour, and talk to students about all the major offerings.

Also that month we held another social event: Howdy, HEROs! Members came together to socialize and meet one another to celebrate the new semester.


In October, members kicked off Torch Relay in Ponce City Market to carry the torch from Atlanta to Athens. Members walked 63 miles over the course of a week, carrying the HEROs torch high and wearing a banner to spread our message across the state.

Later that month, members walked the torch into Clark Central High School to a cheering crowd of members and our kids. Everyone was ready to compete in field-day style games for all the glory! Olympics is a long-held HEROs tradition and brings together members, campus organizations, and our kids to compete alongside one another.


In November, members came together to raise money to give our kids holiday gifts. It costs $80 to give our kids one gift they want and one gift they need. Every November, members think of the most creative ways to raise money for holiday gifts for our kids!


In December, we come together for our Fall Total Reveal to reveal what our yearly total was. Members come in anticipation and celebrate all that we’ve accomplished for the year.

At the end of the month, we host our annual “Holiday for HERO” event where our kids receive their gifts that members fundraised for. This is a great opportunity for our members to meet their kids and have the chance to interact with their families.

2019 was a year where HEROs pushed the envelope and went “All In” for our kids. As the year comes to a close and the new one commences, we thank every HERO who made 2019 so special and wish 2020 success in the new year!

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