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We like to say that our organization changes lives. It not only changes the lives of our kids, but our members who are able to unite behind a cause they all care about to provide more opportunities for our kids to be kids. HEROs is where people find their drive, their passion, their friends, and most importantly: their family. HEROs is home to some of the best and brightest that UGA has to offer—bulldogs who go onto change the world around us once they leave us here in Athens.

At UGA® HEROs, we strive to keep the connection with our alumni alive and well. Their insight, passion, and willingness to help our organization succeed shows through in everything they do. That is why this year we established our very first Alumni Board, one that has representatives from across our organization's 14 year history. Our Alumni Board is home to former Executive Board, Team Leaders, and Committee Members alike who know what it's like to be on the front lines fighting for our kids each and everyday.

We cannot thank our dedicated alumni enough for their constant support and encouragement they provide to us on a daily basis. Our alumni are people we look up to and they remind us to keep HEROs WOW.

Thank you,



Patrick Femia

Executive Director

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Max Kent
Zachery Cottmeyer
Steven L. Jones
Alysse Whatley
Becca Elliott

Alex Amling

Amber Garnett

Alex Carruth
Mairead O’Hare
Ben McMichael

Claire Miller

Carlye Sander

Kevin Scott

Jonathan Mikula

Cayman Bickerstaff
Jessie Thompson

Caroline Worthy

Thomas Sumner

Olivia Feltner

Salina Patel

Bella Coletta


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If you have any questions about alumni relations or want to get further involved as an alumni, please do not hesitate to reach out to our Outreach Chair, Casey Smith at ‭(706) 830-6333‬ or

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