2020 Executive Board

Executive Director

Patrick Femia

Member Relations


Director of Member Relations: Lauren Craig

WOW Chair: Pierce Pittman

Fraternity Relations Chair: Will Griffin

Sorority Relations Chair: Sydney Briner

Member Engagement Chair: Pearce Buxton

Campus Relations Chair: Olivia Barnes

Finance Family

Director of Finance: Josh Howe

Audit Chair: Jack Cenatempo

Fundraising Chair: Hannah Broom

High School Relations Chair: Sydney Amling

Financial Operations Chair: Sydney Reynolds

Communications Family

Director of Communications: Kali Dangar

Public Relations Chair: Rylie Geraci

Media Chair: Morgan West

Child Relations Chair: Adriana Dale

Creative Content Chair: Ellery Payne

Events Family

Director of Events: Chelsea Summers

Special Events Chair: Kristen Nicholson

Member Events Chair: Erika Abbruzzese

Kid Events Chair: Maggie Duncan

Event Sponsorship Chair: Cooper Hanft

External Affairs Family

Director of External Affairs: Will Henderson

Corporate Relations Chair: J.P. Boyd

Donor Engagement Chair: Ashley Yoffee

Outreach Chair: Casey Smith